Sat. Jan 15th, 2022

As a precautionary measure, three women cricketers infected with coronavirus have been admitted to Magda Medical College Hospital in the capital.

Authorities say all three cricketers admitted are healthy, only to be kept under observation. Two of them are infected with the new type of corona Omicron; Another in the affected delta.

Today, Tuesday afternoon, the director of Magda Medical College Hospital (acting) said. Md. Niatuzzaman confirmed the matter to the media.

He said the three women cricketers were admitted to Magda Hospital on Tuesday, December 14. Two of them are infected with the Omicron variant. Attacked by another Delta variant. Being hospitalized does not mean that their condition is serious.

Magda Medical College

“All three are fine. Their physical condition is normal. They have been admitted to the hospital for observation only. Because there will not be enough surveillance at home or in the hotel. “

The corona of two Bangladesh women’s cricketers, who returned from Zimbabwe after playing in the World Cup qualifiers, tested positive on December 5. The matter was published on 6 December. Their samples are then re-examined.

The corona of two Bangladesh women’s cricketers

Earlier, on December 11, a new type of coronavirus ‘Omicron’ was caught for the first time in the country. This type was identified in the bodies of two members of the Bangladesh women’s cricket team returning from Zimbabwe. Initially, they were kept in quarantine.

The women cricketers went to Zimbabwe in early November to play in the World Cup qualifiers. They returned to the country on November 30 after visiting several countries after the mid-term qualifiers were postponed due to Omicron.

Experts have advised to be careful and follow the hygiene rules without panicking as Omicron has been caught in the country.

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